Saturday, 2 October 2010

N.S.S. Watchman, pt. 2


Ikai: "Where the fuck are the conkers?"

Undarum: "We're flagged as thieves. They ain't coming. Get the shields going. We can worry about our security standings with CONCORD later. Anu get the launchers ready to fire."

Ikai: "Incoming hybrid fire, they're letting us have it!"

Undarum: "Sogeria, lock down the frigates. This is personal, and I want to send a message these Serpentis goons won't forget. Get ready to fix the web on the nearest frigate. Ida, Anu, focus fire. I want maximum damage."

Anuken: "Torps are ready to go. These babies will hurt."

Idavolle: "Wasps are launched."

Computer: "Shields at 75%"

Ikai: "They're hurting us, but I don't think they're doing enough to break the shields... Undarum, I love this boat."

Undarum: "Don't get too attached, Ikai. We might still not get out of this. Keep your head in the game."

Idavolle: "Holy crap those frigs are dropping like flies."

Ikai: "Those Serp-mod Megas are hurting us bad though."

Undarum: "Frigs first. I want options in case this starts to go south."

Idavolle: "Drones are being directed to the scrammers."

Sogeria: "Webber is working like a charm."

Undarum (Local Broadcast): "Serpentis vessels, you are clearly outgunned. Cease fire and disengage immediately."

Serpentis Captain (Local Broadcast): "You have something very important to my superiors. We aren't leaving, and by the looks of your shields, neither are you..."

Undarum: "OK, now I'm pissed. Let them have it. I want every Serpentis ship out there burning."

Sogeria: "Locking on to their lead Battleship."

Undarum: "Hit the AB Ikai. Bet they've never seen a Rattlesnake move like this before."


Idavolle: "Holy crap their lead ship just bit the dust."

Undarum: "Yes Ida I see the same readouts you do. Just keep firing. These bastards need to know not to fuck with me and my boat."

Anuken: "Finally taking something personally?"

Undarum: "Any time anybody messes with my assets, I take it personally."

Sogeria: "Naturally, this is about your profit margins."

Undarum: "Lets not forget who got us into this mess, and why we're here. Now let's make sure they don't deem to send an much larger fleet after us."

Sogeria: "Such  the humanitarian, of course."

Undarum: "Sogeria, just do your job. I don't need your moralising right now."

Ikai: "Shields are holding at 80% now. They are barely scratching us."

Undarum: "Ida, Anu, burn them all."

Anuken: "Not much left in torpedo range. I'll make sure anything that gets close regrets it."

Idavolle: "Hitting the next battleship. Their armor is peeling off fast."


Undarum: "That's the last of them down. Whatever the hell it is that idiot of a brother has, Ida, they want it back, and badly. Get him awake and to your station now."

Idavolle: "On my way. I'll kick his backside myself at this rate."

Undarum: "Be thankful I'm not handing him over to them. They could show up with reinforcements. Ikai, get us to Simela pronto."

Ikai: "Already done, we're about to warp."

Idavolle: "You have to understand...."

Undarum: "I have to understand nothing. You're brother has endangered this crew and my assets. He put us all in harms way unnecessarily."

Andre: "I thought you podders didn't fear death."

Undarum: "This isn't about me, you moron. This is about my ship. You are lucky I didn't toss you out the nearest airlock, or for that matter blow your entire section into space. I still might."

Andre: "You can't do that to me! I'm a Federation...."

Undarum: "On this boat you are nobody. I took you on board as a favour. Still, if I don't flush you into space, then the Sarpati family will undoubtedly come looking for you. Perhaps I should just dump you at the nearest station and let you fend for yourself."

Andre: "But.... but...."

Undarum: "Not even an apology. You're pathetic, Andre. Don't ever darken my door again."

Andre: "But what about Serpentis?!"

Undarum: "You're an adult. Figure it out."

Andre: "They'll kill me!"

Undarum: "Give me one good reason I should care."

Idavolle: "Please, Undarum."

Undarum: "Ida, if he messes this up, I'm going to leave him for the Serpentis. Andre, you are lucky that you're brother is the best drone A.I. specialist I've had, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this. You get precisely one chance. Screw this up at your own peril, because I guarantee you that the Serpentis corp will not give up because one capsuleer took out a few boats in the back end of Amarrian space."

Andre: "I'm.... sorry, Ida."

Undarum: "What the hell you apologising to him for? Never mind, I don't care. I will make sure you're safe with the Sisters, but if you cock this up I will not continue to assist you in any way."

Idavolle: "Thank you, Undarum."

Undarum: "You owe me, Ida. Remember that next time you're whining about your working conditions."



Computer: "Docking request accepted."

Undarum: "Don't get comfy people. Nobody leaves the ship. I'm going to have a meeting with the management to see if I can come to some arrangements about Andre's immediate future. We need to beat a hasty path back to Federation territory if this is going to work."

Sogeria: "I'm not impressed, you know. All this show of apparent humanitarianism..."

Undarum: "Don't flatter yourself, Sogeria. I am not doing this to impress anyone. This is strictly business."

Sogeria: "Oh, sure. Of course it is."

Undarum: "And you would do well to remember who is in command. If you want off, I'll arrange the paperwork."

Sogeria: "Heartless and rude. What a charming combination. No wonder you capsuleers are so popular."

Ikai: "Then why are you here, Sogeria? Just who are you? You never talk to us about, well, anything and you are always so... impertinent. What's the deal?"

Anuken: "All good questions."

Undarum: "Just follow your orders, people. We have a fresh delivery of stupid that I would much rather be rid of sooner rather than later."

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