Thursday, 28 October 2010

Crew Quarters


Undarum: "Right, we're having to dock up at Impro corp's station, which means quartering arrangements will be other than usual. The Jovian wierdos that own this place are nowhere to be found and it's not exactly ordered. Long story short, you'll have to share. Ikai, Anuken, you're bunked as are you Sogeria and Idavolle. I know it's not ideal but there isn't much I can do. Watchman needs some love and I intend to make sure she gets it."

Anuken: "Yeah sure, I'm sure you're not loving the idea of us having to share."

Undarum: "Anuken, if I had planned it, I would have stuffed you in with Idavolle and watched you kill each other for sport."

Tolle VI - Moon 6 - Impro Factory
Crew Quarters, Section 5A7J

[OK, so watching my crew in quarters is a little creepy. Or a lot creepy. This said, I am doing important work at the moment and I don't need these guys screwing it up. Again. Hence, the watching.]

 Anuken: "Fucking bunking. Can you believe it?"

Ikai: "It could be worse. We could have Sogeria in here."

Anuken: "Or the egghead himself."

Ikai: "Undarum? He's a softie."

Anuken: "Kid, he's a capsuleer. He's the most dangerous sort of man. One with nothing to fear."

Ikai: "He's not that bad you know. Sure as hell could've been worse. You've seen what it's like out in the capsuller alliance badlands."

Anuken: "At least with that lot you know what you're getting. Undarum is all together more dangerous because he has an agenda I haven't figured out yet."

Ikai: "Or you're being paranoid. I think he just likes to make money."

Anuken: "For a genetically engineered genius you sure can be stupid."

Ikai: "Thank you too Anuken. Feel free to twist the knife while it's in there."

[Uncomfortable silence ensues for a good 10 standard minutes.]

Anuken: "You know I'm good at putting my foot in it, Ikai."

Ikai: "Because naturally that gives you the right to insult me as best as you can."

[Another 5 minutes uncomfortable silence.]

Ikai: "So, what was it like out in the badlands? All those capsuleers flying about, no CONCORD, no government?"

Anuken: "Something I think any Amarrian would call Hell. It beggars belief."

Ikai: "It's really that bad?"

Anuken: "It's worse. There are some things that you can't leave behind."

Ikai: "So.... what exactly happened to you out there?"

Anuken: "I really don't want to talk about it. Contrary to that Intaki idiot's ideas, [Charming] talking about it doesn't help."

Ikai: "Anything you can tell me at all? I'm just curious, I don't want to dredge up anything that will bother you too much. Any old war stories?"

[At this point Anuken grins the grin of the space veteran that is absolutely universal. I think it's about the first time I've ever seen him smile. It lasts for literally microseconds.]

Anuken: "Didn't you hear enough of those in the Orphanage? War stories from the war days?"

Ikai: "I was never all that interested back then."

[Now Anuken goes a particular shade of beetroot red that is reserved for patriots who feel their national dignity is being threatened.]

Ikai: "What did I say?"

Anuken: "Nevermind. Let's just get some sleep."

[Proof, were it needed, that the Caldari are as capable of pissing each other off as they are everyone else.]

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