Friday, 5 November 2010


Location: Luminaire, Nubian Sundance  Headquarters

Data encryption: Enabled


Interception complete. Audio feed only.

Undarum: "[encrypted data]... but we need to talk about the Nation. They're on the up and up these days."

Hellusius: "I don't think they're going to cause us too much concern."

Decus Daga: "We haven't the pilots to repulse serious infestations but we can probably get some help in."

Hellusius: "Prep a report. I want to know what we have and what we can do with it."

Undarum: "Recruitment is underway. We've a few new call signs on the scanner and it's looking good."

Decus Daga: "We'll soon have some real contenders, and if the Nation is going to be an issue we should be able to deal with at least some of it. I suspect the Empire authorities wont be too fond of mindless zombies invading their space."

Hellusius: "Hmmm...."


click - transmission lost


Undarum: "I'll have a word with station security. It's not like them to let something like this slide."

Hellusius: "Don't bother. I know where the signal is going to. It's going to the Watchman."

Undarum: "You're serious...? What in the name of.... How do you know?"

Hellusius: "Only someone using our corporate secure line could get in here and re-acquire the signal, look."

Undarum: "... and Watchman is the only corporation ship docked."

transmission scrambled - disengaging