Meet the Crew

Drone A.I. Specialist - Idavolle Esseron

Idavolle is a straight laced Gallentean (yes, that does happen!) I have most lost this class of crewmen given that I have spent many months training my drone specialisation, and therefore I tend to be least close to them.

Nonetheless we remain cordial, if somewhat frosty. We rarely agree on much, especially given his personal distaste for the Caldari. Still, he accepts that the Caldari pay as well as anyone else and that blowing them up is bad for business. Doesn't stop him from rolling his eyes when I get a fine for contraband smuggling in Federation space. All this said, he's good at his job. He knows drones inside out and helps keep them dishing out the damage. He may be Gallentean but he understands all drones equally well.

Launcher Ops - Anuken Ogimo

This guy is a real hard nosed ass. Damn good at his job, but an ass. He worked for Lai Dai watch for years, and was blacklisted from Caldari corps for, (I paid good money to find this out,) beating the living daylights out his Captain for flying whilst off his face. Unfortunately for him, this was before Heth's little revolution, and this particular Captain was very well connected. Although Lai Dai was largely free from corruption, it was not unblemished, and when he was blacklisted the watch dutifully fired him.

This blemish against his name has never been rectified. Heth's revoultion never helped him, and he is understandably bitter. He's worked with some of the roughest capsuleers in the past who have never even bothered to learn his name.

He's hard nosed and pretty much thinks I'm the devil incarnate. If he believed in the concept. He hates that I pay his bills, feed and clothe him. This said I can't replace him. He's damn good at maintaining those ruddy launchers.

I have the specs hardwired into my brain. But that doesn't mean I can always oil them, load them, and work out all the kinks easily. He does all that for me and is ruddy good at it. I don't necessarily like the man, but he is too good at this job, and follows orders unquestioningly. He keeps me on my toes, and I respect that.

Electronics Specialist - Sogeria Adoutte

Ah, the enigmatic Sogeria. She is quite the mystery. Were it not for the absence of the tell tale socket, I would swear she's a capsuleer. Incredibly intelligent, I can find virtually no record of her. She's clearly of Intaki descent, although she will not confirm nor deny this. The only employment records I could find said she worked for the Syndicate, which certainly supports the theory. Besides that, she basically doesn't exist.

Her account is only ever used to deposit money by me and it is swiftly moved into a Syndicate account. I have no idea if she knows I know this. She rarely admits or acknowledges anything and is eternally cold and distant. All I know is she works pretty much any Electronics system, including my incredibly important targetting scanners, with the precision of a capsuleer.

Mechanic/Engineering Specialist - Ikai Tarrko

A sorrier story I have yet to hear. Ikai is a Caldari Deteis so-called "Tube Child." He lived in an horrific Caldari ophanage, until he was 12. Rather sensibly, he ran away. Perhaps insensibly, he ran straight into the arms of the Guristas pirate organisation. Now I have no great love of the Guristas, but I do fly Gurista modified ships. They treated him relatively well, he even tried for capsuleer status. He failed, sadly, but he still elevated his understanding and running of space ships, especially capsule fitted vessels.

He left the organisation later in life, on relatively good terms. He is still defensive of the Guristas and doesn't like it when we open fire on their vessels. He did a stint in the Khanid Navy as a launcher expert, even though he had never really dealt with launcher ops. He learned quick, though, but became incredibly enamoured of ships defensive systems. When it comes to defence, this guy is a true genius. Shields, armour, damage control, hull plating, all of it. I found him Dodixie, where he had fled after he was discharged from the Khanid Royal Navy for forging his employment history.

He was just desperate enough to be employed by just about any capsuleer who would take him. He tried the same phoney documents on me, a ballsy move. He knew I was a capsuleer and, given our reputation, could probably buy and sell him several times over. I quickly debunked his phoney documentation and got the real story out of him after some light threats.

Given I was flying a Guristas ship, I hired him on the spot. I needed some body with hutzpah, and a working knowledge of defensive systems. As it turned out he's deeply introspective, and we became friends. This was quite unintended. Becoming friends with my crew is usually against my personal work ethic. As a rule it is quite unprofitable, and I need to stay profitable if I'm ever going to change anything. I'm an idealist, but that doesn't mean I'm not a capitalist. It is a necessity.

Nonetheless, we became friends. I am constantly aware that, were I to lose my ship, I'd lose my one non-capsuleer friend. He is not immortal. I would very much prefer to keep him alive.